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Tooth care

32 basic facts about teeth and gums - Q19 to Q22

Q19. What is the proper age at which to begin correcting irregular tooth position?

Some irregularities need treatment when the child is very young. Others are best treated at a later age. Regular check-up by a dentist is advisable who will decide when the treatment is necessary and refer the child to an orthodontist.

Q20. Should something be done about the jagged edges of newly erupted teeth?

No. As a rule, when these teeth are in proper position, the jagged edges gradually wear down, leaving behind a smooth edge.

Q21. What is the purpose of examining permanent teeth soon after they appear?

It is important to discover cavities and fill them before they have a chance to damage the tooth seriously.

Q22. Is thumbsucking harmful to a child's dental health?
Thumbsucking child

Thumbsucking during the first year or two of a child's life need not cause any concern. Any irregularity in the position of teeth that is directly due to sucking habits will probably correct itself if it occurs before the age of 5. After that, however, thumb or finger sucking may affect the position of the incoming teeth and shape of the jaws. So, the child should be discouraged from sucking the thumb or fingers.

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