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32 basic facts about teeth and gums - Q23 to Q27

Q23. At what age should a child start using a tooth brush?
Early bird

The child should start using a tooth brush soon after the first incisors (front teeth) have appeared. Initially, you will have to brush its teeth. By the time the child has cut all of its teeth, it will be used to the idea of brushing and will be able to brush the teeth itself.

Q24. What is the relationship between nutrition and dental health?

Calcium and phosphorus are necessary for hardening of the tooth structures during the years the teeth are being formed. After the teeth are fully formed, they do not need any more calcium nor can they absorb any. A balanced diet throughout life is adequate for dental health.

Q25. Should you give your child calcium tablets while its teeth are forming?

According to most authorities, the best source of calcium is the daily diet. If a child eats a balanced diet and drinks an adequate amount of milk, it will obtain all the calcium and phosphorus it needs. Ask your dentist or doctor for any dietary supplement, if necessary.

Q26. What is the place of sweets in the child's diet?

Tooth decay can, to a large extent, be controlled by a diet in which sugar (natural or refined, both) is restricted, particularly between meals. Fruits, vegetables, nuts and such other foods could be substituted for sweets.

Q27. Should you defer your child's dental visit until it needs dental attention?
First Visit

No. The child should go to the dentist for the first time preferably not as a toothache patient. The first appointment should be free from pain and discomfort, so that the child will learn to know the dentist as a friend.

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