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Chicken Corn Soup

Serves: 4 Prep. time: 30 minutes Category: Non-veg Soup
1medium chicken's breast
1tincorn cream style
2 1/2 tbsp corn flour
1 white of an egg
1 egg
1dsp. ginger sherry
  salt to taste
8 - 10 pepper corns
  Chilli pickle
  chilli sauce to taste
1. Boil the breast of the chicken with 1 tsp. ginger paste and pepper corns and get a stock of 7 cups.
2. Cut the breast into tiny pieces.
3. Add corn flour, salt and chicken to the stock and let it cook till chicken is soft.
4. Dissolve the corn flour in little of soup and add it to boiling soup. Cook till the soup becomes thick.
5. Beat up the eggs lightly and add it to the soup little by little and stir vigorously till you get thin threads.
6. Cook for a while and add ginger sherry.

Serving ideas:
Serve hot with chilli sauce and chilli pickle.

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