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Vision Soup

Serves: 6 Prep. time: 25 minutes Category: Health Food
2 teacups spinach chopped
1   onion chopped
3tablespoons carrots chopped
4teaspoons cornflour
3 teacupsskim milk
  salt and pepper to taste
For the topping
2tablespoonswheat germ
1. Heat the butter and fry the onion for 1 minute. Add the carrots and 1 teacup of water and cool for atleast 5 minutes.
2. Add the spinach and fry again for 1 minute.
3. Mix the cornflour, milk and 2 teacups of water and add to the spinach mixture. Boil for a few minutes.
4. Blend in a liquidiser for a few seconds. Do not strain.
5. Add salt and pepper. Top with wheat germ and serve hot.

Vitamins A, B2 and E, calcium, zinc and protein in this soup are good for the eyesight. Vitamin E also helps retard nearsightedness.

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