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Tooth care

32 basic facts about teeth and gums - Q1 to Q3

The Anatomy of a tooth
Q1. What is a healthy tooth?

A healthy tooth is strong and clean with solid bones and sound gums. It is free from cavities and decay.

Q2. How does tooth decay start?
How does tooth decay start?

When food particles are left on the teeth, especially sugary food, bacteria turn them into acid which eats its way into the Enamel, then into the Dentine and finally into the Pulp. This can be very painful. When the decay reaches the roots, the teeth may have to be pulled out.

Q3. What is gum disease?

Bacteria in Plaque can release substances that irritate and inflame gum tissues. This condition is called Gingivitis. When Plaque is not removed, it hardens around the gum line and forms Tartar. The infection then spreads to the bone supporting the tooth and eventually, the tooth may fall out. This is called Periodontal disease or Pyorrhea. Gum diseases may also take the form of a gumboil, which results from infected pulp. As pus collects, it works its way through the end of the root and into the jawbone and pushes out the gum to resemble a boil.

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