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Recipes Glossary G-O

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Glycerol mono stearate. GMS is a chemical stabilizer used to make ice-creams creamy and fluffy.

Edible decoration for a dish. It could be chopped coriander leaves, grated coconut, browned onions, nuts, cheese, grated carrots, etc.

The trimmings of certain parts of poultry, e.g. heart, kidney, liver, the end of the legs.

Glazed. Glace cherries are cherries glazed with sugar.

To improve the appearance of certain foods, e.g. buns are glazed with a thin application of sugar and water solution on their surface as soon as they are taken out of the oven. Savoury pies or Khara biscuits are glazed with an egg-water solution before they are baked.

Golden syrup
A syrup obtained during the refining of sugar. It is sweeter and thinner than treacle.


The hind leg of a pig salted and cured




Kedgeree or Khichdi
There are a great variety of Khichdis, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Essentially it is a rice and lentil dish (mostly yellow in colour) with or without vegetables or meat and spices. It can be served by itself or with spiced curd or gravy or chutney.

Ketchup or Catsup
A table sauce most commonly made with tomatoes and spices. It is generally served with dry dishes like cutlets, savoury fritters, samosas, fried fish, etc.

A method used for a thorough distribution of various ingredients. In this method, pressure is exerted by the knuckles and the palms and the dough is stretched and folded till it acquires the required consistency.



A flour paste drawn into long tubes and dried. Before using it the thick brittle straws should be cooked in fast boiling salted water and drained.

Dried outer covering of the seed nutmeg. It is available in the form of 'blades' or powder and is used as a flavouring in various rich meat and vegetable dishes and also some sweets and puddings.

An Indian corn, eaten boiled, roasted, or seasoned. The corn is also dried and made into flour which is used for making roti, (Indian bread) eaten mostly during winter.

A mixture of salt, lime, vinegar, or curd and spices in which meat or fish are doused before cooking to make them tender and enhance their flavour.

A grain grown in many parts of India. From its flour thick chappatis are made and eaten mostly by farmers and small town dwellers.

An aromatic herb used both in the green and dry form. It is used in flavouring soups, tea, rice and meat dishes; to make chutneys, etc.

The liquid that is separated from the grains of sugar during the process of extracting sugar from the cane.

A light, frothy dessert like the souffle

Edible fungi used in soups and other dishes. Available fresh, dried, and also canned.


Thin strips made of flour, with or without eggs, and dried. Like macaroni, noodles are first cooked in boiling water, drained, and then fried if desired.

The seed of a tree. It is grated and used as a spice or flavouring for various rich gravies, sweets, cakes, puddings, etc.


Ladies finger. A vegetable grown and consumed both in India and abroad. Certain metals like iron and tin tend to discolour this vegetable, hence, for cooking, one should avoid using such utensils and spoons.

A fruit of the olive tree from which olive oil is extracted. The fruit is also eaten as such or pickled or used as a garnish for salads, stews, etc. Pickled olives are favourites as hors d'oeu-vres.

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