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Chocolate Ice cream

Serves: 4 Prep. time: 30 minutes Category: Desserts
1/2litrewhole milk
1tbspGMS powder
1tbspcorn flour
1/8tspAlginate SA or CMC powder
1tbspcocoa powder
2tbspdrinking chocolate
1. Take 1/2 ltr milk in a vessel.
2. Mix the above listed ingredients in milk.
3. Put the vessel on low heat and stir continuously.
4. Bring the milk to boil. Turn off the gas and continue stirring for a while till milk cools.
5. Place the cooled mixture in an aluminium tight box and freeze.
6. Once the mixture freezes, basic Ice cream is ready.
7. Remove the basic Ice cream from freezer. Cut into small pieces.
8. Put the pieces in a mixie flask.
9. Add malai.
10. Churn the mixture till it becomes extremely fluffy.
11. Put this mixture in the aluminium box. Cover with a polythene sheet and close the lid.
12. Place it in deep freeze.

Serving ideas:
Once the Ice cream is set, grate a cadbury bar on it and it is ready to eat.

If you want to make the Ice cream more soft, remove from the freezer when half set, churn and put it back in the freezer to settle.

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