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Planning to stay in Mahim?

What does one look for in a perfect home?

For one thing, your address certainly matters in more ways than one.
We would all like to live in a posh, wooded area with plenty of access routes, good schools and colleges, and all the conveniences and amenities that we could possibly want.

Does Mahim satisfy these wants?
Yes, in some important ways, it does. It is a centralised location. It has plenty of buses plying in and out, and several places of worship. It has the hospitals, the clinics, the consultants - in fact most of the amenities that we require.

It is close to Dadar, which is a focal point for trains - i.e., it is accessible by the Western and Central lines as well as out-station trains. Mahim itself is accessible by Harbour and Western lines. So, all of Mumbai becomes accessible through Mahim and Dadar. It is even close to the Maharashtra Nature Park (although that does not qualify precisely as living in a wooded area, but we can't have everything).

The Maharashtra Nature Park (MNP) is a wonderful place to take your children to. It has 12,500 varieties of plants and several rare birds, including flamingos. So you can get your fill of bird-watching, and feel virtuous about it!

Mahim even has its very own historic monument, a.k.a. the Mahim Fort.

Perhaps, its minus point is that too many people already know these things--so it is a tad congested and amply populated. But is there any place in Mumbai which isn't?

Be that as it may, Mahim is not a bad bet at all, if you are looking for a place to stay. See the links to find out more:

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