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32 basic facts about teeth and gums - Q5 to Q8

Q5. When should you consult your dentist?

At the appearance of any of the following symptoms, consult your dentist immediately: toothache; bleeding gums during brushing; persistent unpleasant breath; cavities; painful sensations; teeth growing out of order; swollen, loose or flabby gums and loose teeth.

Q6. Is professional cleaning of the teeth necessary?

Yes. Because even the most careful and conscientious cleaning can leave some Plaque and Tartar deposits. Therefore, it is usually necessary to have your dentist give your teeth a professional cleaning every 6 months. Professional cleaning or scaling improves periodontal health.

Q7. What can happen if missing teeth are not replaced by artificial teeth?
Something missing?

If artificial teeth do not replace missing teeth, the adjacent teeth will, over a period of time, lean into the empty space. Food is likely to accumulate between the remaining teeth, providing a breeding ground for decay-causing bacteria. Irregular spacing also makes cleaning of teeth difficult and leads to formation of Tartar. Further, the pressure caused by chewing is not properly distributed among the remaining teeth. This uneven pressure may contribute to the destruction of gums and bone. So removable or permanent artificial teeth that can replace missing teeth will help you maintain your dental health.

Q8. Should you use a mouthwash?
 Should you use a mouthwash?

You may use a mouthwash if you want to freshen your breath or sweeten your mouth temporarily. But do not expect it to remove Plaque and prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Bad breath may indicate some other bodily disorders. Do not mask these signs of trouble by using a mouthwash.

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